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Psychoanal 2017;28:83-114
Book Review
Can We Integrate Psychoanalytic Models of the Mind?: The Contemporary Psychoanalytic Model of the Mind
Jin Hong Park
Psychoanalysis 2017;28:107-109
Book News
Away from Others Acknowledgement
In-Soo Lee
Psychoanalysis 2017;28:113-114
Original Articles
Ego Defense Mechanisms in Aesop’s Fables
Byung-Wook Lee
Psychoanal 2017;28:83-95
Differences in Defense Mechanisms and Psychological Characteristics According to Suicide Attempt in Patients with Depression
Jae Hwa Choi, Hye-Geum Kim, Eun-Jin Cheon, Young-Ji Lee, Hee Jung Park, Ji Yean Kim, and Bon-Hoon Koo
Psychoanal 2017;28:96-106
Visiting Record
아르헨티나 IPA 총회 참관기
Myounghwan Choi
Psychoanal 2017;28:110-112
The Korean Association of Psychoanalysis first published its official journal, Psychoanalysis in October 1990. The journal is released four times a year, released on every January 31, April 30, July 31, and October 31, now covers the issues of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy.
Mother’s Reckoning: Living in the Aftermath of Tragedy
Jee Hyun Ha
When Is the Endpoint of the Adolescence?
Geon Ho Bahn, Ji Eun Ryu, Yeon Jung Lee, Juhee Han, Aram Lee, and Minha Hong
The Importance of Early Attachment Relationships in Current Psychoanalysis
Eun Jung Li, and Jaehak Yu
Received March 14, 2016; Accepted April 6, 2016.
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