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Psychoanal 2020;31:63-105
Review Article
Adolescence: The Developmental Theories from Granville Stanley Hall to Emerging Adulthood
Geon Ho Bahn
Psychoanal 2020;31:63-69
Original Articles
Temperament and Defense Mechanism Patterns of Patients with Depressive Disorder: In Comparison with or without Anxiety Symptom
Jin-Woo Kim, Seok-Ho Yoon, So-Hye Jo, Hye-Geum Kim, Seok-Heon Kang, and Bon-Hoon Koo
Psychoanal 2020;31:70-80
Study for Novelist Han Kang’s Story “The Vegetarian” in the Perspective of the Unconscious
Hyun Kwon Lee and Hye Ri Yoon
Psychoanal 2020;31:81-90
Intimacy and Love with Artificial Intelligence in the Movie “Her”
Sangik Imm and Tae Uk Kang
Psychoanal 2020;31:91-97
Case Report
Case Reports of Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: Based on Psychological Assessments
Ye-jin Kwon and Eun-ah Noh
Psychoanal 2020;31:98-105
The Korean Association of Psychoanalysis first published its official journal, Psychoanalysis in October 1990. The journal is released four times a year, released on every January 31, April 30, July 31, and October 31, now covers the issues of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy.
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