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An Evaluation on the Effect of Psychoanalysis:
Psychological Aspect
Psychoanal 2010;21:3-7
Published online June 30, 2010
© 2010 Korean Association of Psychoanalysis.

Min Cheol Park, MD, PhD

Chonnam University
Can psychoanalysis ever demonstrate its effectiveness, let alone cost-effectiveness? Although there are some empirical evidences
showing the efficacy of psychoanalysis and dynamic psychotherapy, the nature of such treatments makes it hard to verify their
benefits which are attained with ego growth and maturity, the results of interpretation and insights from a stable therapeutic relationship.
Therefore, this report reviews the history and theories of measuring psychotherapy and psychoanalysis’ effectiveness.
As cost effectiveness and scientific approaches of psychoanalysis have been increasingly emphasized, therapists are required to
develop and utilize more scientific tools to help objectively measure the efficacy of their therapeutic treatments.
Keywords : Effectiveness · Psychoanalysis · Psychotherapy.

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