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Table. 1.

Table. 1.

Profiles of Villanelle

PCL-R score 30
Current offense Serial murders (contract killing)
Early relations Brought up by alcoholic father
Had an affair with female French language teacher, after released from Juvenile
Delinquents Centre at age 13
Characteristics Female, mid-20s, highly intelligent, multilingual
Diagnosis Antisocial personality disorder with narcissistic personality trait
History of conduct disorder
Part objects Superficially charming
Manipulation and lying
Grandiose and bold move
Lack of guilt and remorse
Self-regulation Hypervigilance
Agility under pressure
Planned or impulsive violence
Instant gratification of drives
Feelings Boredom and void
Amusing herself with pranks on others
Pursuing sensual pleasure
Defense Rationalization, dissociation, splitting
Projective identification
Idealization and devaluation

PCL-R: psychopathy checklist-revised

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