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Table. 6.

Table. 6.

Brain activation regions in response to emotional distractor between groups

Brain areat-valueMNI coordinates

PTSD patients>healthy controls
 Superior frontal gyrus5.1183156
 Middle frontal gyrus4.21-363036
 Supplementary motor area5.1683056
 Superior temporal gyrus4.52-60-5523
 Middle temporal gyrus4.65-59-5622
 Supramarginal gyrus4.34-58-5525
 Angular gyrus4.62-58-5824
 Superior occipital gyrus4.80-8 -10210
 Lingual gyrus4.226-78-4
Healthy controls>PTSD patients
No significant difference in brain activation patterns

Identified in brain areas showing activations response to the emotional relative to the neutral distractor between groups (PTSD patients>healthy controls) (p<0.001). MNI: Montreal Neurological Institute, PTSD: posttraumatic stress disorder

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