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Table. 3.

Table. 3.

Caregivers’ role of parents in Disney animation films (n=24)

   Type of caregivers     Title Role as a caregiver* Note

Single father BF
 The Little Mermaid O O Δ Δ
 Beauty and the Beast O X O O
 Pocahontas O O Δ Δ
 Chicken Little O O Δ Δ
 Pinocchio O O X X
 The Sword in the Stone O O X X
 The Hunchback of Notre Dame O X X X
Single mother BM BM
 Dumbo O O X X
 The Lion King O O O O GE
 Treasure Planet O O O O GE
 The Princess and the Frog O O O O GE
 Tarzan O O O O GE
 Dinosaur O O O O GE
 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs X X X X
 Cinderella X X X X
Both parents AP
 The Jungle Book O O O O GE
 Hercules O O O O GE
 Meet the Robinsons O O O O GE
 Bambi O O O O GE
 Sleeping Beauty X O X X
 Mulan O O Δ Δ
 Tangled O X X X
 Zootopia O O X X
 Moana O O Δ Δ

Role as a caregiver: ① Meeting basic needs, ② Protecting adolescents, ③ Guiding and supporting development, ④ Advocacy. Δ: parent as a caregiver, not in the first half, but roles in the later part. AF: adoptive father AM: adoptive mother AP: adoptive parents BF: biological father BM: biological mother BP: biological parents, SM: step mother, GE: good enough role as a caregiver, satisfied with four functions throughout the movie

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